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Los Angeles Police Department Van Nuys Station
Community Police Advisory Board (C-PAB)

Saturday, July 02, 2022
2:23:54 PM

The Community Police Advisory Board (C-PAB) is a group of volunteers who live or work in the
Van Nuys Area, comprised of the following neighborhoods: Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Valley Glen,
Sherman Village, Valley Village and a small portion of Studio City.

C-PAB members act as a liaison between the LAPD and the citizens to strengthen the lines of communication.

All C-PAB members will put forth their best effort and participate in agreed upon
committee assignments for the betterment of the Community in the Van Nuys Divisional areas .

The C-PAB members advise and inform LAPD’s Van Nuys Area Commanding Officer of
the pressing public safety and quality of life concerns on behalf of the
Community, an area of 30 square miles with over 325,000 residents.

C-PAB started in 1993 and is now an integral part of the 22 Areas in the LAPD jurisdiction.

LAPD CPAB Summit 2013 Published on Nov 9, 2013.
The Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) is a Non Profit organization of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) that has been around since 1993. This summit marks 20 years of service by its members in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and this video has a little history and some of the CPAB members giving us a look at their experiences in the program. Speakers include Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck, Southeast CPAB member Mabelle Pittman, Wilshire CPAB member Stephanie Poretz, 77th Street CPAB member Junintino Gomez, and West Valley CPAB member Brandon Balderas.
Van Nuys Area neighborhood watch
Sherman Oaks, Sepulveda, Valley Glen, Van Nuys, Ventura Business District, West Van Nuys

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Van Nuys Area Front Desk
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Van Nuys Area TDD
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Van Nuys Area Detective Desk
Investigative-related questions
Van Nuys Area Community Relations Office
Community policing information, volunteer opportunities,
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Van Nuys Area Youth Services Officer
Cadet and youth related programs
Van Nuys Area Vice Unit
For prostitution, gambling, and alcohol related complaints
Van Nuys Area Jail
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Van Nuys Area Property Office
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